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08 March 2009 @ 05:52 pm


Thank you all so much for the fun while it lasted! ♥ I have currently stamped all applications, except for Item Theme applications (I will get to you lovelies soon!).

I'm going to miss this place very much. This was my first and is my only rating community that I have ever owned. It breaks my heart that it will no longer be active, but I'm so thankful for level of maturity and kindness of every member here. It's weird to say this about a rating community, but I mean it because I never seen such a warm, cozy, and friendly community in the longest time. <3 I hope to see some of you around Livejournal! Keep in touch. <3 ♥

Thank you all once again! ♥

with love. ♥
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28 February 2009 @ 10:44 pm
Yaye!~ We have a new stamped member:
lolinekocchi- The Junker, Shiori Misaka

Since the start of our Item Theme, I have been watching and evaluating the community's activity. In the beginning, the revival of the community seemed promising, especially during our Recycle Event. I have seen some growth of membership and new participants here as well. However, as the month of February went on, the activity seemed to return back to the way it was last year.

After some deliberation, my co-mod (Lhy) and I have both agreed that is probably time for key_rating to officially close (or perhaps to pass the community on to somebody else). All stamps will be given out on that day.

However, we have decided to not close the community until March 7, 2009, about exactly one week from now. Until then, the Item Theme will be extended for those who have wanted to submit an application, but did not get the chance to yet.

If you have any comments, opinions, suggestions, advice, agreements, disagreements, etc... etc... you know the drill. xD This post is open all week to discussion. Comments are not screened.

Thank you!
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15 February 2009 @ 08:42 pm
Happy weekend everyone!
The following members are in need of votes and have been waiting for awhile now:

kuroiinu_chan's application needs 2 votes!
planetarian's application needs 2 votes!
yunie_sigh's application needs 2 votes!

Please do vote on these applications so I could stamp them as soon as possible!
Thank you~
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02 February 2009 @ 07:03 pm
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02 February 2009 @ 09:05 pm

It is finally February once again, which means that Valentine's Day is drawing near for many countries in the world! In Japan, it is traditional for girls to give chocolate to boys. Girls may also exchange chocolate among friends, known as tomo-choko. However, in this community, we will all give KEY items to each other this month instead of chocolate! This theme is all about finding KEY items that fit a member's personality and tastes. In addition, each person may receive TWO items and not just one. Have fun with this theme everyone!

Theme ends: FEBRUARY 28, 2009

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31 January 2009 @ 05:00 pm
Today is our final day for our Recycle Event!

If you have not posted the themes you wanted to restamp or apply for, please do so today!
Also there are a couple of applications here that need votes! Please click on our !needs votes tag in order to vote for the application!

kuroiinu_chan is in need of a three-way tie breaker! Her application is priority so please vote for her!

Do not forget to help promote our community by using one of these banners: here